Pretty Lake Camp
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Team-Building Activities

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Low Ropes Challenge Courses

Our Low Ropes challenges take place on or just off of the ground, where the perceived risk is low and the social risk is high. Perfect for enhancing communication, trust and problem solving, these physical and mental challenges take full cooperation and participation from your entire group to build a team.

Upon completion, our facilitators lead discussion on the group’s experience exploring dynamics, effectiveness and relation to “real life.” Teams build upon their successes and learn from their struggles, gaining a sense of personal and team accomplishment.

Potential outcomes when using a low ropes course include an increase in communication between members of a group, realization of how to be efficient and productive within a group, as well as building trust, camaraderie and sense of worth. As always, our low ropes course programs are specifically customized to suit your team’s objectives and tie in well with a high ropes course experience.

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High Ropes Challenge Courses

Set at varying heights, our high courses allow members of your team to progress through multiple challenges and obstacle-course-like elements. Our high ropes courses present physical and emotional challenges designed to improve our participants’ abilities to explore healthy risk-taking, stress-management, leadership, and problem-solving, all while expanding participants’ comfort zones. This powerful shared experience helps add new perspectives in your group while allowing participants the opportunity to overcome fears.

In addition to a sense of personal accomplishment, our high ropes courses help individuals learn to trust and depend on their coworkers & teammates for support, while highlighting problem-solving and coaching opportunities through a collaborative culture.

Potential outcomes when using a high ropes course include: an increase in communication between members of a group, the realization of how to be efficient and productive within a group, building trust, interdependence and healthy risk-taking skills.

Your high ropes adventure is framed, facilitated and debriefed to maximize learning. Though our high ropes are often adrenaline-inducing, we make sure to utilize our high ropes course with an intentional and meaningful frame that brings you beyond adventure.

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Ground Activities

Many of our best activities do not require harnesses or ropes – they’re done right on the ground. Our professional facilitators will guide your group through a series of activities that are tailor-fit to your program objectives. This progression of activities provides your team the opportunity to develop skills to find success in each activity and beyond.

Our ground activities will help increase efficiency in setting goals, facilitate open & honest dialogue, and build trust within your group. Since these elements are portable, we can also provide these activities at your business or retreat location. As always, our ground activities are specifically customized to suit your team’s objectives.

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Team Olympics

Team Olympics is a great way to enhance team building and camaraderie. The Team Olympics experience is fun-focused and a friendly competition! In this exciting program, your group forms small, fierce teams of corporate athletes who participate in a series of competitive team challenges. Points are awarded for varying degrees of team building performance for each event. Teams jockey back and forth for the lead, awards and the bragging rights that go back to the workplace.

Team Olympics is the perfect day to increase team bonding and performance. All of the activities test communication, trust, adversity and efficiency. (1.5 – 4 hours).

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Waterfront Adventure

Highly entertaining and engaging, our four-hour Waterfront Adventure gives our participants an experience on (and in) Pretty Lake! We’ll start the adventure with a lifeguard-supported canoe/kayak training, then push off into the water for a series of fun paddle-related sports with your group.

After a lightly competitive kayaking water-polo competition, we’ll return to shore for a Boat Building experience. During the Boat-build, participants divide into teams and then have the opportunity to build a real boat constructed from cardboard and miscellaneous materials. Since it requires both interdependent and independent thinking and execution, this activity enables leadership and engineering talents to emerge and flourish in a positive, team setting.

Can’t come to us? This activity is portable and can be experienced indoors or outdoors in most bodies of water: swimming pools, lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans.