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New Summer Staff Application- 2016

Are you in the right spot?

Please only use this application if you are applying for a summer program position, and you have never with Pretty Lake Camp in the past. Not you? Please use one of the following links:

Other Application: Adventure Centre, Maintenance, Housekeeping, & Kitchen staff
Other Application: Returning Summer Camp Program staff

If you are in the right spot, please continue onward:


Positions Applying For (check all that apply)

Personal Information
Employment Eligibility
Rank in order of preference the age groups you would prefer to work with:
Camp/Youth Work Experience

Please list any experiences you have had working at camps or with children/youth:

Other Work Experience

Please list the names and contact information of three people who can provide professional and character references for you. This might include teachers, coaches, clergy, employers, etc. It should not include friends or relatives.

Personal Information
Instructional Activities

Please indicate with a number the areas in which you feel you are:

  1. An experienced instructor, comfortable leading/teaching others
  2. An experienced assistant
  3. An assistant only (this is a hobby or interest)
  4. A novice (no experience but interested)
  5. Not interested in doing this

Outdoor Pursuits


Sports & Recreation

Creative Arts

Camp Skills



Select three activities from the above list that you would enjoy teaching/leading at camp this summer, and describe your experience and skills in that area:

Current Certifications

For each certification, please list the Expiration Date and who the certification was issued by.

Personal Profile
How did you hear about us? (check all that apply)

Internet SearchFriend or Family ReferralWMU Job FairMSU Job FairKVCC Job FairFormer CamperOther

Release and Personal Certification

I herby certify that all statements contained in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and recollection. Permission is hereby granted to Pretty Lake Camp to solicit and investigate statements from any person or organization with regard to my personal history and prior employment.

I understand that inclusion of any false information may be cause for disqualification or subsequent release of employment. If employed as a paid or volunteer staff person, I agree to consistently abide by all rules and conditions of employment at Pretty Lake Camp. I understand that employment at Pretty Lake Camp is at-will and that both the employer and employee have the right to terminate employment at any time for any reason.

Thank you for your time and energy in this very important process. Our goal is to evaluate each application in a thoughtful and timely manner and provide you with feedback regarding the status of your application. We will contact you with your status and notify you if we would like to schedule an interview with you.

Pretty Lake Camp complies with all state and federal laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination. In accordance with these laws and regulations, Pretty Lake Camp will not discriminate in employment or any of its programs or services on the basis or religion, race, color, national origin, age, gender, height, weight, familial status, marital status, or disability.