Pretty Lake Camp
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Directions & Maps

Pretty Lake is located just west of Kalamazoo. We have two entrances at 9123 and 9497 Q Ave in Mattawan, Michigan. If you’re planning on a visit, please make sure you check with your group leader so you start off in the right place.

Directions to Pretty Lake Camp’s Main Entrance

From US-131, take Exit 31 and head west on Centre Ave., which becomes Q Ave. Head west for four miles, and look for the main Pretty Lake Camp entrance on the south side of the road.

Directions to the Adventure Centre

The office of the Adventure Centre is located at a different area of the Pretty Lake campus. The entrance to the Adventure Centre is an unpaved driveway at the south end of the intersection of Q Ave. and 3rd Street. Take this entrance and follow the road back one mile to the Adventure Centre Office.