Eric Wimbley

Chief Executive Officer

(269) 375-1950 Ext 111

Sonya Kasper

Director of Operations

(269) 375-1950 Ext 110

Amber K

Camp Director

(269) 375-1950

Ron Saline

Facilities Director

(269) 375-1950 Ext 121

Per Burson

Assistant to Facilities Director

(269) 375-1950

Paul Vugteveen (he/him)

Hospitality Director

(269) 375-1950 Ext 125

Dr. Lourdes Pimentel, Ph.D (she/her)

Director of Educational Programming & Development

(269) 375-1950 Ext 123

Jai Smith (she/her)

Culinary Director

(269) 220-0146

Board of Directors

Bobby Hopewell (CEO and President)

Tiffany Ankley, Kalamazoo County Probate Judge

Don Edgerly, Upjohn Institute

Lourdes Franco – Puzevic

Josh Hilgart, Kalamazoo Defender

Tim Meeker – Treasurer, Kalamazoo County Finance

Frank Rocco, KPS School Principal

Naz Saebre, Michigan Rehab Services


Jeff Swenarton, Kreis, Enderle, Hudgins, Borsos P.C.

Jim McIntyre (Retired)

Dare’l McMillian (Self Employed)

Kathy Johnson (Retired)

Dr. Shenetta Coleman Residential Opportunities, Inc. 

Ronicka Hamilton

Maria Arbuto

Scott Schrum (Retired)

Tax Forms

Pretty Lake has been a trusted member of our community for over 100 years, and we remain committed to transparency. Please email Pretty Lake or call us at 269-375-1950 if you are looking for more information about our organization and to get copies of our most recent tax forms.

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