Pretty Lake Camp
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About the Adventure Centre

Think of the last time you conquered something that you thought was outside of your normal “comfort zone.” Was it exhilarating? Did you surprise yourself? Did it open doors for you?

The Adventure Centre challenges individuals, teams, and organizations to expand their self-confidence, trust, and leadership skills through a variety of outdoor adventure learning activities. As southwest Michigan’s leader in facilitated low ropes courses, high ropes courses, climbing towers, and team building experiences, our adventures combine industry-leading programming with an inspiring environment, all led by highly skilled staff.

Boosting teamwork since 1978

Since 1978, over 100,000 youth and adults in our community and beyond have had an Adventure Centre experience. Through these experiences, we have increased and strengthened productivity, effectiveness, and relationships for adults and students in corporations, organizations, secondary schools, and colleges and universities.

The results? Teams that work at a higher level by increasing their trust and communication; individuals that find personal leadership skills that previously went undiscovered; and most importantly, an increased sense of personal accomplishment and enhanced self-esteem.

Explore what we have to offer

The Adventure Centre at Pretty Lake has a lot to offer. Are you a member of a group that could benefit from some extra team building? Check out our Groups at The Adventure Centre page. We have a wide variety of team-building and leadership development programs that can be customized to fit any group.

You can also fill out our Information Request if you’d like someone at The Adventure Centre to contact you with more information.