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Individuals & Couples




Our Personal Exploration Workshops create opportunities for personal and professional development in a unique setting. These weekend retreats combine workshops on creative problem-solving and interpersonal communication with high-element challenge course activities. Results for participants often include an increase in self-awareness, insights into resolving communication barriers & conflict, and the ability to use your strengths more effectively—in a personal or work setting. Please contact us for dates for the next workshop.


Partners Adventure Retreats


These weekend-long cooperative workshops help couples explore, challenge and encourage themselves to take the risk of discussing their relationship with each other and with others who are also in committed relationships. Couples will participate in activities traditionally used for team building and adventure learning. These activities engage you and your partner in a common experience. You then have the opportunity to reflect on what works for you, what doesn’t work, areas of strength, and in what areas you might seek support. Together you will create a safe space where you can gather to share the common goal of strengthening your relationships to their fullest potential. Please contact us using the form below for the dates of our next workshop.


Fully Customizable and Adaptable to Your Needs


Your program is specifically customized to suit your objectives. Prior to your experience, we will provide you with a thorough needs assessment questionnaire. We utilize this information to create a customized itinerary with carefully selected activities to meet your desired outcomes. Our program and facilitators will always remain flexible to your needs and requests.


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