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Leadership Development Programs

From outdoor high adventures to indoor tabletop activities, The Adventure Centre experience provides customized team building programs that are enjoyable, interactive and provide opportunities for everybody to participate. Since 1978, we have been facilitating programs that foster leadership, creative energy and camaraderie.

The inherent value of our Leadership Development programs remind participants of their individual power and how it relates to their “team.” Our programs inspire different kinds of emotional intelligence than what is commonly accessed in the workplace.

Leadership Development Activities

We have several options for customized leadership development activities – including Leadership Retreats, Assessment Workshops, and Intervention/Adventure Therapy – all designed to inspire, motivate and challenge your group!

While our programs may be fun and exciting, our highly trained facilitators help participants discover new insights and translates those insights back to the workplace. Your experience and outcomes are designed to carry over into the work environment and to be utilized long after your Adventure Centre experience is over.

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