Pretty Lake Camp
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Leadership Development Activities

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Leadership Retreats

Over the years, many groups have found that a retreat with the Adventure Centre at Pretty Lake allows the time and space to go much deeper than our typical day program. Whether you’re bringing a new group together, launching a new project, or working through a difficult issue, our peaceful environment and programs provide the opportunity for your group to bring your desired learning objectives back home with you. Your overnight accommodations range from rustic camping sites through conference space with lodging.

New employee orientations, celebratory functions, and seasonal gatherings all benefit from a great team building event!

Your retreat is specifically customized to suit your objectives. Prior to your experience, we will provide you with a thorough needs assessment questionnaire. We utilize this information to create a customized itinerary with carefully selected activities to meet your desired outcomes. Our program and facilitators will always remain flexible to your group’s needs and requests.

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Assessment Workshops

Looking within and understanding your personality type adds significant value to your organizational operations. With our workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about your personality preferences as well as the differences between yourself and other members of your team.

In addition, we provide data to identify individual and group strengths, along with the challenges that the team may face. Participants leave the session with a greater appreciation for themselves and team members. The experiential approach of this program allows participants to gain a stronger understanding of multiple personality types and how they have an impact on diversity in behavior.

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Intervention / Adventure Therapy

The Adventure Centre offers many programs designed to meet the specific needs of various individuals, groups and teams. These specialized programs are professionally designed with the support of experts in the respective fields, and professionally facilitated to increase the likelihood of on-going transference to the group or team. Many of The Adventure Centre’s clients have returned regularly to benefit from various programs, some for as many as 15 to 25 years.

The Adventure Centre facilitators provide years of experience in fields such as communications, psychology, social work, counseling, teaching and adventure/experiential education. The Adventure Centre staff consists of degreed professionals who have the appropriate training, licensing and certifications for the various programs and activities offered.