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The Adventure Centre provides team-building activities that inspire, motivate, and challenge our client groups to greater achievement through the building of trust, improved communication, and a sense of collaboration.

Group initiatives are team building challenges that focus on planning, problem solving, and creative thinking.  Initiatives are a great way to challenge groups, begin or enhance the team-building process, or simply have fun!

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Low ropes activity areas

Low ropes activity areas

Low rope obstacles focus on collaboration; the challenges call upon every member of the team to participate. Lows present unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth.

Our low rope activities take place on or just off of the ground. They are perfect for enhancing communication, trust, and problem solving, these physical and mental challenges take full cooperation and participation from your entire group to build a team.

Pretty Lake Adventure Centre participants love low ropes

Upon completion, facilitators lead a discussion on the group’s experience exploring dynamics, effectiveness, and relation to “real life.” Teams build upon their successes and learn from their struggles, gaining a sense of personal and team accomplishment.

Potential outcomes include an increase in communication between group members, building trust, camaraderie, and a sense of community. Low rope programs are customized to suit your team’s objectives and tie in well with a high ropes course experience.

High ropes course

High ropes courses

High ropes courses challenge participants to take risks, manage their own safety, and practice vulernability.  Participants learn to trust and depend on each other in a collaborative setting.

High Ropes

Set at varying heights, high ropes courses allow members of your team to progress through multiple obstacles. They present physical and emotional challenges designed to enable participants’ to practice healthy risk-taking, stress-management, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Group games

Group games

Many of our best activities do not require harnesses or ropes – they’re done right on the ground. Our professional facilitators will guide your group through a series of activities that are tailored to your program objectives. The activities provide your team with the opportunities to develop skills through a progression.

Pretty Lake campers learning to work together

Ground activities will help increase open & honest dialogue, build trust within your group, and collaborative goal setting. These elements are portable and we can bring these activities at your school, business, or retreat location. 

Climbing tower

Climbing presents an exciting personal challenge, while the team works together to being responsible for safety and support.

Pretty Lake Adventure Centre participant climbing the wall

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Where is Pretty Lake Camp located?

Pretty Lake Camp is located just ten minutes from Kalamazoo (southwest of the I-94/US-131 interchange) on Q Avenue in Texas Township. 

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