Pretty Lake Camp
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Happy Birthday

September 9th, marks the birthday of Pretty Lakes’ founder, Edward B. Desenberg, a musician and philanthropist, born in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1867.

Desenberg was formally educated in Kalamazoo and abroad. He was an accomplished pianist, music instructor, businessman and visionary. In 1916, Desenberg’s brainchild, “Pretty Lake Fresh Air Vacation Camp,” got its start by bringing 15 city children out to the country for a camping experience. Today more than 60,000 children have benefited from the totally cost free summer camp for kids who could benefit the most from the experience.

Over the years Pretty Lake has developed into a year round experiential learning center with the addition of the Adventure Centre which provides meaningful learning and growth opportunities through facilitated activities. What began as a camp for small children now includes those up to grade eleven, who serve as the camp’s ambassadors and future counselors.

2019 marks the 103rd year of welcoming children to the shores of Pretty Lake in Mattawan Michigan. We are deeply indebted to the individuals, foundations, advocates, and volunteers who have provided continuous support to help carry out Desenberg’s mission to this day!


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