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Introducing the Pretty Lake Camp Blog

Welcome to the Pretty Lake Vacation Camp Blog. It’s hard to believe, but we are already half-way through our summer! We plan to use this space to keep you updated on all aspects of Pretty Lake Vacation Camp — from camper stories to the most recent news.

First, we’d like to share a personal story with you about why we are important to the families and children we serve. Towards the end of our first session registration, a Mom walked up with her son who was on his sting-ray bike (like the Exec Director’s old one — retro!), who we’ll call Johnny for purposes of this story. The Mom does not have custody of Johnny, or either of his two sisters that were already in line. The kids all live with their Grandma, who had a stroke the prior week.

From what we could gather, the kids were now staying with Mom’s sister, while Grandma was recovering from her stroke. There was definitely tension between Mom and her sister, and the communication between the two was less than positive. As a result of all of this, Johnny never was registered for camp, despite the fact that his sisters were registered. Mom was upset with her sister for the oversight and was looking for our help. We managed to get Johnny registered on the spot with Mom’s help, and he got the last spot in our Outpost camp!

Throughout this whole discussion and situation, we couldn’t help but admire Johnny’s great attitude. He showed us his bike and was very proud of it. We had a great conversation about his school and the summer. He was smiling and happy the whole time he was waiting for us as we got him registered through our online system. Here is a child that probably has at least three different places to call home — not to mention that there was no mention of any brothers, fathers, uncles, or grandfathers in his life. His Mother obviously cared deeply about him, but I’m sure she is frustrated that her children do not live with her. We don’t know why and we don’t ask, we are just there to help her help her children.

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The good news is that for six days Johnny had great fun here at camp and built relationships with some outstanding male counselors. Even more than that, he was one of the most popular outpost campers — both with his peers and counselors. He spent a night at Warren Dunes and swam in Lake Michigan as part of the Outpost overnight trip. He also visited the Adventure Centre and learned more about himself and his new friends. And most importantly, he was busy being a 12 year-old boy at camp, and causing a little mischief along the way…after all, isn’t that what camp is all about?

That is but one of the 429 stories that we have seen so far this summer. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more!


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