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Pfizer Volunteers Make Our Day

From Mitch, PLVC Executive Director:

Volunteers. Pfizer. Two words that make us jump for joy here at PLVC. Without volunteers, most non-profits (ours included), would struggle to survive. Pfizer allows its “colleagues” a day each year to pick an organization and have a work day at that organization. As they have done for several years, Pfizer Animal Health came out and did a tremendous amount of work – battling the weather the whole day. They built a new deck for our swimming area where children can change their shoes and store their towels and shirts. They reconstructed our amphitheatre stage to ensure it was safe and secure. They cleaned chairs, painted our dining hall, and sorted clothes. We are extremely grateful for the work done yesterday. In one day, hundreds of hours of work were completed that we probably couldn’t get done ourselves in a year.

This Saturday we will have a group from Kiwanis and next week, another group from my old IT group at Pfizer. Thank you, volunteers, and thank you Pfizer for all you do for PLVC and this community!


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