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About our camp

Pretty Lake Camp’s core mission is to provide cost-free summer camp to eligible children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a summer camp program. For over a century, we have served tens of thousands of children!

Two campers smiling and holding chickens in our fenced in chicken coop.
Pretty Lake Adventure Centre has High Ropes

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Why Pretty Lake?

  • We foster a fun and diverse environment where campers can safely develop and grow new skills and interests.

  • We provide a variety of activities in areas such as outdoor education, sports, water recreation, art, STEM, and more.

  • Summer camp can be a powerful experience in a child’s life. It can be a time to explore, laugh, learn, and development independance and greater self-esteem.

  • We care deeply for our campers and want to see them thrive. After a week here, campers will leave with meaningful social connections and a lifetime worth of memories.

Our Goals for Campers

Over the years, Pretty Lake Camp has identified a number of goals for our  camp program and our campers.

Camp should foster…

  • positive self-concept development of campers.
  • the opportunity to develop a more positive attitude and the realization of individual capability.
  • greater personal independence.
  • personal awareness and relationship with the natural environment, a chance to be “unplugged” from electronics to better appreciate the natural world
  • opportunities for social interaction and development of social skills.
  • development of outdoor recreational skills.
  • opportunities for fun in a safe environment.

These goals are accomplished whenever our campers:

  • indicate that they are having fun.
  • are able to positvely interact with cabin mates, fellow campers, and staff.
  • develop positive relationships at camp, whether that be a friendship with another camper or a mentoring relationship with a staff member.
  • acknowledge in some way an appreciation or awareness of the natural environment in their life.
  • develop or improve upon skills.
  • participate in a new challenge or adventure.
  • expresses that their expectations, hopes, and interests for camp were fulfilled in some way.
Campers harvesting potatoes in one of Pretty Lake Camp's farm fields with blue sky overhead.

Pretty Lake News

Our Summer Camp Staff

Amber (she/her) is our Camp Director, at Pretty Lake Camp. Amber first joined the Pretty Lake team in 2021, and served in a variety of different roles before becoming Camp Director. As Camp Director, she coordinates all details related to summer camp.

Outside of camp, Amber enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring new music, spending time outdoors, and making art. You can contact Amber using the form below.

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