Pretty Lake Camp
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Pretty Lake Ambassadors (Grades 10 – 11)

Formerly Counselors-in-Training

Our Pretty Lake Ambassadors program is designed for 10th and 11th graders who are passionate about camp. Youth who possess a strong desire to grow and push themselves to become strong leaders, team players, and caring citizens of their community.

Ambassadors will work as a cohesive unit, using their own voices to create meaningful contributions to Pretty Lake, Kalamazoo, and their communities. This program is a non-traditional camp program, in that it is year around; including monthly meetings and two sessions of camp during the summer. We believe that our camper’s voices are powerful and full of wisdom that we simply don’t have. We want to help them create a program where they are able to gain ownership over their experience and make Pretty Lake a better place – for themselves, us and our younger campers.

Through the use of Individualize Leadership Plans, Pretty Lake Ambassadors will learn to recognize and utilize their individual strengths and create meaningful contributions to their communities. Through feedback, Ambassador will work together to create relevant programming for themselves and Camp. Furthermore, participation in a year of programming will offer chances to round out their résumé and personal experiences! Over the year, youth will gain experience in creating and organizing events, and develop skills like planning, reflection, communication, critical thinking, adaptability, initiative, collaboration and innovation.


In order to be considered, applicants must currently be in the 9th grade (2016-2017 school year) or have participated in the Ambassador program for 2016. New applicants who are accepted will start in August of 2017.


Once accepted Ambassadors must commit to meeting once a month, two sessions of summer camp, full participation in training, completing individualized leadership plans, and full commitment to project planning and implementation.

Ambassador Sessions (for returning Ambassadors Only) and monthly meetings

The 2017 Pretty Lake Ambassador program camp sessions take place throughout the summer coinciding with regular camper sessions. Ambassadors must participate in all days of Ambassador sessions. Ambassador sessions correspond with camper sessions as follows:

Session #4 July 14 – July 18*
Session #5 July 22 – July 26*

* Only for returning Ambassadors (Ambassadors who were participants in 2016)

Once accepted, new applicants’ Ambassador Term will begin in August of 2017. Monthly meeting dates and times will be given upon acceptance into the program. More information will be provide upon admittance into the program.

Ambassadors Application Process

To gain entrance to the program, youth must apply online. If you have any questions or concerns contact the camp director at (269) 375-1950 ×120 or The Ambassador application deadline is March 31.