Edison Summer Garden Club

What is the Edison Summer Garden Club?

Beginning in 2008, Pretty Lake Camp and the Edison Environmental Science Academy partnered to transform a dormant plot of land into beautiful organic vegetable, wildflower and herb gardens.

The fruits of our labor have resulted in a donation of over 200 pounds of food to a local shelter since the program’s inception. Additionally, students have sold $167 worth of vegetables and herbs at the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market, creating an opportunity to teach students about the economics of farming.

Participants in the Summer Garden Club also share directly in the success of the gardens; students can harvest fresh produce and take it home to their families. Students also learn about the care of various animals – the Outdoor Experiential Learning Center is home to laying hens, goats and miniature donkeys.

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The EESA administrators are continually monitoring the students in the Garden Club, checking the impact of the program on the student’s overall school performance. Learn more about the Summer Garden Club by following their blog at edisongarden.com.

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