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Interested in working at the Pretty Lake Adventure centre?

The Adventure Centre hires staff throughout the year to assist with our scheduled programming. Learn more below.


  • We host a variety of programs throughout the year, for different groups. These groups/ programs may vary in size, age, purpose, curriculum, season, and session length.
  • Anyone with an interest in outdoor programming, teambuilding, and/or education is welcome to apply.
  • All staff complete various paid training sessions, and select which programs they are interested in working from our shared calendar.
  • This is a gig-based role, for programming that occurs throughout the year, not a full time job. Each year you will be offered a new contract, and can choose how often you’re able to participate.

Want to apply to work at the Adventure centre?

Step 1:

Click the link below to apply. Fill out the form and return any requested forms.

Step 2:

Our Adventure Centre team may contact you to schedule an interview.

Step 3:

Finalize your paperwork and build your select which programs you’ll work.

Pretty Lake News

Professional headshot of Educational Programming and Development Director Lourdes Pimentel, Ph.D. smiling and wearing a black top.
Our Adventure CEntre Staff

Dr. Lourdes Pimentel (she/her) is the Director of Educational Programming and Development at Pretty Lake Camp. She is dedicated to creating experiential learning programs that nurture a student’s social and emotional competencies. 

“The most valuable lesson I have learned over the years is that academics alone do not guarantee a person’s success. Other skills, such as understanding oneself and others, managing emotions, and making appropriate decisions for the situation at hand, are essential for a fulfilling and rewarding life.”

You can contact Dr. Pimentel using the form below. 

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