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We hire culinary and hospitality staff on a rolling basis to help us with summer camp as well as other programming we host throughout the year. We are currently hiring for the following roles.

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5 campers in kayaks and 1 camper on a paddleboard on the lake at Pretty Lake Camp, the bow of a canoe is visible in the foreground from the point of view of the camera.

Want to apply to work for our culinary and hospitality team? Applications open 2/22/24

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Finalize your paperwork and work with our team to build your schedule.

Pretty Lake News

Our Culinary and hospitality staff
Chef Jai (she/her) serves as the Culinary Director at Pretty Lake Vacation Camp. A proud Kalamazoo native and KVCC Alumni, Chef Jai has been an integral part of the Pretty Lake team since 2021. In her role, she oversees all aspects of food service for Retreating, Adventure Center, and Summer camp, in alignment with the mission of Pretty Lake. Beyond her work at camp, Chef Jai is the owner of a local catering and event design company. She finds joy in spending time with her three children, traveling and creating.                                                                                        
For inquiries, please reach out to Chef Jai using the contact form provided below.
Headshot of Hospitality Director Paul Vugteveen smiling, wearing a green t-shirt, and holding yellow flowers in front of a green, orange, and yellow floral backdrop
Our Culinary and hospitality staff 

Paul Vugteveen (he/him) is proud to serve the Kalamazoo community as Hospitality Director at Pretty Lake Camp! Paul lives in Kalamazoo with his partner Lindsey and their dog and cat Georgia and Wubzy. Not only does Paul have a passion for warm and inviting spaces, he also loves spending time outdoors, paddling in canoes, making photographs with film, and listening to his vinyl record collection.

Use the form below to contact Paul with any questions you have. Paul can also be reached by calling our office at (269) 375-1950.

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