MyLife Camp all started with a desire to help students recognize their potential to thrive in life. We wanted students to understand from an early age that, if they dare to dream, what they need to succeed is within themselves.

In collaboration with KRESA and KPS, we decided to bring to life ASCA standards for Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success. The result was a three day camp based on hands-on activities where students learn from real–life experiences.

Our activities are built to help students discover their interest and talents, and their ability to progressively learn and challenge themselves to greater achievement. Ultimately, our goal is to nurture students’ sense of worth and capabilities.

Thanks to Diane Lang, who donated the financial resources, and the fifth-grade students from Woodward School for Technology & Research and Indian Prairie Elementary School, we implemented our pilot program in 2022. The impact on students was immediate. Students were vocalizing their interests and talents, stepping out of their comfort zone to embrace new challenges, and supporting each other in the process of accomplishing their goals.

We received letters from students and teachers thanking us for such a meaningful experience. An experience that we are committed to continue providing for the children of our community.

To learn more about MyLife Camp or our other educational program offerings, visit our Educational Programming page, or fill out the contact form, or call (269) 375-1950!