Tuesday December 5th is ‘International Volunteer Day’ (IVD), designated by the United Nations as a day observed globally since 1985, to acknowledge and encourage volunteerism all over the world. A day to reflect on the question, “What would the world be like if everyone volunteered?”

Globally, over a billion people worldwide are contributing their time and skills to create a better caring more peaceful world.  This year’s theme, The power of collective action, celebrates the many achievements volunteers have made addressing the global climate crisis, food insecurity, poverty, inequalities, conflicts and more.

Locally, we are so very grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who have given their time and talents to help make Pretty Lake a beautiful, safe, caring and welcoming environment for campers and visitors alike. If you are a volunteer, we thank you for your service; if you see a volunteer today, be sure to thank them for their service, too.

“On this important day, let’s recommit to ensuring that all people can lend their energies to shaping a better future for all people and the planet we share. Let’s stand with volunteers everywhere.” – António Guterres, Secretary General United Nations