During the last weekend of September, Pretty Lake Camp welcomed back PRF Campout for 3 days of music, poetry, and outdoor fun for the Seventh Year! The group gathered around 60 individuals, all bringing their own unique artistic talent to share with one another. Bands drove in from around the Midwest, including from places like South Bend, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. The weekend also showcased many bands from right here in Kalamazoo!

Guests stayed overnight in the Retreat Centre, Outpost Cabins, and occupied every campsite on our property. They also catered meals through us, choosing popular menu items such as Pumpkin Pancakes, Wood-fired Pizza, and Paella, among others.

The group arranged activities including swimming, paddling (kayaks and canoes), and archery, and also opted for Adventure Centre programs like the Giant Swing and the Climbing Tower.

Are you interested in learning how to hold your own, similar event here? Contact our Hospitality Director Paul Vugteveen here or call the main office at 269-375-1950.

PRF Campout Poster by Chafe Hensley. Photos by Paul Vugteveen.

A black and white photo of Marchall speakers on the stage at Pretty Lake Camp

A black and white photo of a poet performing on stage at Pretty Lake Camp. Some audience members are visible in the foreground.

A black and white photo of a microphone laying on a table in front of the sound mixing board which is out of focus at Pretty Lake Camp

A black and white, up close photo of the sound mixing board at Pretty Lake Camp

A black and white photo of a guitar in its case

A black and white photo of John playing guitar and singing into a microphone from the band Nonagon performing at Pretty Lake Camp.