Pretty Lake Camp
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Support Pretty Lake Camp

Pretty Lake Camp has made an impact on more than 50,000 children since its beginning in 1916. Many of the youth who attended Pretty Lake Camp this past summer would not have had the opportunity to participate in any special summer activities – especially attending a summer camp – were it not for the cost-free programs and services provided here.

The need for your support is great

Each year, we receive approximately 800 applications for about 600 slots at camp. Here are a few of the notes that accompany those applications:

“Please accept my child’s application to attend your camp because:

  • “My husband and I have recently been laid off and times are very difficult…”
  • “I am undergoing treatment for cancer and it’s been very hard on our family – especially our children.”
  • “Both of our parents died and I’m just trying to help my little sister smile again…”

When families face stress, uncertainty, and changes, it is often the children who suffer the most. Sometimes, all a child needs is a “vacation” from these daily stressors. Your support can make a lasting impact on a child. You can help give that child a much needed “vacation.”

How you can support Pretty Lake Camp

Please consider investing in the youth of our community in a variety of ways:

  • Donate funds – You can donate securely online, over the phone or by mail. You can also donate through your company’s matching gift program. Simply complete your company’s matching gift form and mail it to us at 9123 W. Q Avenue, Mattawan, MI 49071.
  • Donate goods – Fulfill our wishlist by checking our website for a current list of needed items.
  • Volunteer your time – We’re always looking for people to help us during the off-season. Do you or your workplace, youth group or church group need a project? Please contact us.

Thank you for making a difference in a child’s life.