Pretty Lake Camp
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Pretty Lake Camp is pretty special. Just ask one of the over 50,000 campers that have attended since 1916. It’s their opportunity to take a break from the stress and chaos of their home life; spend time with caring and nurturing adults; play outdoors on over 250 acres of nature; try new activities and learn new skills; make new friends; rediscover their smiles; and have the chance to “just be a kid.”

You can help put a smile on a child’s face by donating in one of three ways:

  • A secure online gift via PayPal or major credit card – Click the “Donate via PayPal” button on the right side of the page to begin the process.
  • Giving over the phone – Give us a call at 269-375-1950 x110, and we will be happy to process your gift.
  • Mailing a check – Checks payable to Pretty Lake may be mailed to 9123 West Q Avenue, Mattawan, MI 49071.

Does your company have a matching gift program? If so, simply complete the form and mail it to us at the address above.

Thanks for your support

“Pretty Lake Camp has had an impact on me by giving me the courage to go to extreme lengths to achieve my goals. It has also brought me to notice so many good traits about myself, such as my courage, self determination, and bravery. Before I came to camp, I never had any of that. So I owe a lot to Pretty Lake.”

– Former Pretty Lake Camper

We couldn’t do this without you, our supporters. Help keep Pretty Lake Camp special for years to come – make your gift today!